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Hi, my name is Dan and I’m the main writer and recipe developer at I first started this blog in 2018, mainly as a way to keep track of my recipes and to share them with friends and family.


Originally from the UK, I currently live in Vienna, Austria with my Austrian partner. My main passions are plants, traveling and eating good vegan food, and whilst I have always enjoyed cooking, it wasn’t until relatively recently that I really embraced my love of it. I first went vegetarian in 2013, and eventually moved towards a vegan diet in 2017. Whilst many people view going vegan as a sacrifice, instead I’ve found that living a vegan lifestyle has actually encouraged me to cook more fresh, varied food than I ever did before. By learning how to experiment with new ingredients and flavours, and generally being more adventurous with my cooking, I discovered a newfound appreciation for the food that I eat.



Whilst I usually only get to test my recipes on my husband (who is always a very willing test hamster for the cause), I love cooking for other people, and always like to prepare the most extravagant meals for friends or family whenever I get the chance. It’s the feedback and enthusiasm that I’ve got from them that really inspired me to put my own recipes out there for other people to try, and I hope that you enjoy them just as much as we do. 


I truly believe that anybody can live a happy, healthy vegan lifestyle if they choose to, without compromising on the taste or quality of the meals they eat. Whilst you may not be ready to take the leap towards living a 100% vegan lifestyle just yet, I hope that my plant-based recipes and vegan guides can help to inspire you to make small, everyday changes that will help to change your perception of what you need to make nutritious, tasty, and satisfying meals.


Hi, I’m Cley and the other half of My main focus is on the food photography side of the operation, and as somebody who ‘eats with his eyes first’, I know how much the appearance of a dish can affect your enjoyment of the meal, and how important it can be in persuading people to actually make a recipe. Making use of my background in product photography from my full-time job in marketing, it’s my responsibility to make sure that our recipes not only taste good, but look amazing too.


I first went vegetarian in 2012, primarily for animal welfare reasons, but as somebody who used to have somewhat of a cheese obsession, I never thought I would be able to happily live on a fully plant-based diet. After educating myself more on the dairy industry, I finally went vegan at the end of 2016, and now a few years on any cravings that I may have had for dairy have gone completely. 

I’ve learnt that vegan food can be just as (if not more) delicious - and as somebody who values strong flavours and is always pushing for a little bit ‘extra’ in their meals - that’s saying a lot. Now, we make our own vegan cheeses, tofu scramble, lentil bolognese and so many other vegan takes on classic dishes, and almost all of it from scratch, using fresh, whole ingredients; meaning we know exactly what goes into our food.

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