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VEGAN BALI | 5 Best Vegan Cafes & Restaurants in Seminyak

Thinking of staying in Seminyak during your trip to Bali? Whilst Seminyak may not be quite as trendy or vegan-conscious as Ubud or nearby Canggu, there are still some great vegan cafes and restaurants nearby to try. Check out my top 5 recommendations below...


#1 - Kynd Community:

"An instagramers playground"

First on the list: Kind Community. If you could imagine the embodiment of a hipsters Instagram feed, this place would probably be it. With its pink walls, palm prints, pineapple adored cutlery, and wicker lamp shades, it creates the perfect setting for a chilled, vegan meal. And thankfully, the food doesn't disappoint either!

Everything is 100% vegan, and the selection they have is so great that you'll have a tough time deciding what you DON'T want to eat. It's great to see some more unusual dishes available beyond what your typical Bali menu offers, which helps to really set this place apart from the nearby competition. I particularly recommend the Ramen, which was really tasty, and the chick'n skewers are simply delicious. Top marks! And to top it all off, they possibly have the best selection of vegan cakes I've ever seen in or outside of Bali. Everything from raw Oreo cheesecake to rich rocky road, and even vegan doughnuts! And if you're too stuffed after your mains to manage one, they'll happily pack some cakes up as takeaway so you can enjoy them later at your hotel.

If you are thinking of stopping by (and you should!) then note that it can get quite busy during the day, but is generally quieter and more relaxed later in the evening. Either way, I'd recommend reserving a table if possible to avoid any disappointment. But if there's one place that you shouldn't miss in Seminyak, this is it!

Check it out:


#2 - Coffee Cartel:

"Hands down the best vegan waffles in Bali!"

Whilst it's important to note that this cafe is not 100% vegan (or even vegetarian) this is still a nice spot that definitely has some delicious vegan offerings.

There are two branches of this establishment: one close to central Seminyak and a second, smaller version further south in Legian. The Legian branch is particularly worth mentioning as it is one of the only cafes or restaurants in the area that has really made an effort to cater to vegans, so if you're staying nearby then it's an essential spot to try. Sadly this branch has a reduced menu compared to the larger one in Seminyak, but it's still one of the best choices in the area for vegan food!

Particularly worth mentioning here are the vegan waffles (which are SO good!), and their selection of vegan shakes are also really worth giving a try.

Check it out:


#3 - Kin Cafe

"A calming vegan oasis in the otherwise hectic Seminyak"

Another great 100% vegan restaurant in Seminyak is the Kin Cafe. Located in southern Seminyak, just behind The Flea Market, it's a great place to chill out in the afternoon and enjoy some yummy vegan food.

Seminyak is busy - there's no denying that. But tucked away from the loud traffic and busy crowds, Kin establishes a sort of oasis of calm. It's attractive decor and fantastic food presentation complements the great selection of vegan dishes that they offer - not to mention the friendliness of the staff. It's also worth noting that during our visit they were offering 15% off the bill when you follow them on Instagram (not sure if this is a permanent offer/open to everybody, but certainly worth checking when you're there). Additionally, thanks to its location it's a great idea to combine your visit here with a wander around The Flea Market next door. Whilst it may not be the biggest market in Seminyak, it's definitely still worth a look (but be warned that it will require you to flex your haggling skills).

Placed slightly outside of central Seminyak, Kin is a great place to stop by for some fantastic vegan food and a more relaxed atmosphere. Definitely must-visit for any Vegan traveler in the area!

Check it out:


#4 - Cafe Organic:

"A great place to start the day"

This nice vegetarian cafe close to Seminyak Square is a great place to stop by for breakfast or lunch.

With a pretty central location within Seminyak, Cafe Organic is perfectly positioned as a convenient place to stop by before starting your daily activities, and with a wide selection of bowls, toasts, and hot dishes on the menu (including vegan pancakes), what better way to start the day? Vegan and gluten-free options are clearly marked on the menu, and they even have a selection of vegan cakes on offer too - not to mention their great selection of drinks and smoothies! The cafe itself has a pretty nice aesthetic, filled with lots of plants and wicker furnishings, but it can get a bit busy at peak times, so keep that in mind when visiting.

Overall, it's a great spot to start your day when staying in the Seminyak area.

Check it out:


#5 - Kynd... (again)

"Probably the best vegan ice cream in Bali!"

Ok, so this is really just carrying on from the first suggestion, but hear me out. Right next door to Kynd Community is their very own 'creamery': which is essentially a fancy hipster way of saying vegan ice cream shop.

They have a pretty decent selection of coconut-based ice creams, with flavours including Oreo, Ferraro Roche, and Bounty. They also have a small shop here as well with some cute vegan branded clothes and other small things like reusable cutlery travel sets, which is definitely worth looking around whilst you're picking out your ice cream flavours.

So when you're looking for an easy and delicious way to cool yourself down in the mid-day heat, remember that Kynd's Creamery has you covered!

Check it out:


So there you have it - my top 5 recommendations for vegan food in Seminyak, Bali! As always, let me know if you try any of these spots and what you think, or if I missed your favourite spot off the list!

All information provided in this guide is based on visits from June 2019. Please note that information may change or become outdated. If you notice information that is no longer correct, please let me know in the comments below!

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