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VEGAN ATHENS | 8 Best Vegan Cafes & Restaurants in Athens, Greece

Whilst finding vegan food in much of Greece may be a struggle, that's certainly not the case in Athens, where the city is bursting with vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants offering a range of unique and delicious plant-based dishes. This guide collects my favourite vegan-friendly spots in Athens and tells you everything you need to know to ensure that you experience all of the best food that this city has to offer.


#1 - Avocado

"The old kid on the block"

The first entry on this list has already established itself as one of the big, dominant names in Athens' vegetarian/vegan scene, and for good reason! Proper vegan restaurants are somewhat of a rare breed in Athens, with most on this list falling into either the 'cafe' or 'fast-food' categories. But unlike those, Avocado offers a comfortable, sit-down restaurant experience with a great range of lunch and evening meals.

Located only a short walk away from most of the main tourist sites in Athens, Avocado is a convenient place to stop-off during a day exploring the city. Their menu offers a generous range of warm and cold meals, including burgers, pizzas, pasta, salads and more! My 'must-try' dish was their crispy tofu starter, which comes in the most incredible tomato sauce and was so full of flavour that, frankly, any dish that had to follow it would struggle to compete with it.

Unfortunately, they do have somewhat unusual opening times, and sadly don't open for breakfast, so be sure to check this before planning your journey there to avoid ending up disappointed. But providing you can fit a visit into your schedule, then this is one place that you really won't want to miss during your trip.

Check it out:


#2 - Happy Blender

"The perfect way to start the day"

Happy blender is a relatively new cafe/juice bar located in the Monastiraki neighborhood of Athens.

One thing that I discovered during my stay in Athens is that the city is severely lacking in good vegan breakfast food. But with a great selection of smoothie bowls and juices, Happy Blender is the perfect place to start the day before sightseeing. Located right next to the ancient agora and several other of the main tourist sites, it’s a super convenient place to stop at for a quick refreshment, and we ended up returning several times during our stay as it was never too far from where we were. As well as juices and smoothies, they do also offer a few savoury lunch items such as salads and wraps, as well as a few sweet desserts. For me though, the main star of the show here is definitely their smoothie bowls.

As well as some fantastic breakfast options, the staff and owner are wonderfully friendly, and you can really tell that time and effort has been put into creating a nice, bright space. With plant-mural painted walls and a Bali-like aesthetic that is picture-perfect for your instagram-feed, be sure not to miss a visit to Happy Blender during your stay in Athens.

Check it out:


#3 - Mama Tierra:

"Warm, delicious, satisfying food"

Mama Tierra is another one of my absolute favourite spots for a more satisfying vegan dining experience in Athens.

The staff are friendly, the portion sizes generous, and the menu has a fantastic range of meals, offering something for almost any mood. Whilst some vegan restaurants like to play it safe with their offerings, Mama Tierra pushes the boundaries and recreates some non-vegan classics, completely plant-based. From burgers and pasta to salads and burritos, everything is simply done perfectly. The real stand-out here was their wonderfully creamy 'Linguine a la creme', which was so satisfying and just the right level of indulgence for a cosy, evening meal.

So if you're looking for a fully vegan dining experience in one of the top vegan restaurants in the city, be sure not the miss Mama Tierra off your list. I guarantee you won't regret your visit.

Check it out:


#4 - Peas:

"A hidden local gem"

Hidden away on some residential streets, just a short walk from the Acropolis Museum, Peas is by far one of the most adorable cafes that Athens has to offer.

Completely vegan, with the motto "give peas a chance", this little plant-based eatery is the perfect place to stop for lunch during your time exploring the city. Serving a range of wraps, burgers, salads and cakes, it's just the right thing to keep you going for the rest of the afternoon. The tempeh wrap that I ordered was absolutely to die for and was probably one of my favourite meals that I enjoyed during my time in Athens, so I highly recommend trying it during your visit.

Whilst seating is a little limited, the shop itself has a warm, homely feel, and is a really nice place to stop and relax. Keep in mind though that they do also offer takeaway, so if it's a nice day, you can also have your food on the go whilst you continue exploring.

Check it out:


#5 - Mystic Vegan

"Vegan pizza heaven"

Any time that I come across an Italian restaurant that's also 100% vegan, it's almost guaranteed a place on these lists, and Mystic Vegan is no exception.

Located a little further out than most of the other items on this list and opening until late every day of the week, Mystic Vegan is an evening spot that offers a variety of vegan pizzas, pastas, desserts, and salads. Whilst their vegan cheese may not be to everybody's taste (as is the case with many vegan cheeses), if you're a pizza lover like me, you can't visit Athens without giving Mystic Vegan a try.

Whether or not the pizzas are for you, with so many options on their menu, there's sure to be something for everybody to enjoy.

Check it out:


#6 - Bamboo Vegan Mini Market

"A quaint spot for a light bite"

With a selection of ready-to-eat hot and cold plant-based foods, this 100% vegan 'mini-market' and cafe is a great place to stop for a light bite.

Offering sandwiches, cakes and pastries, Bamboo is a fantastic cheap lunch option, with options that can be enjoyed both inhouse or on-the-go.

As well as their fresh daily food options, Bamboo's shop section is also a great place to stock up on some vegan essentials for your stay in Athens. Their products include vegan-friendly snacks, cosmetics, groceries, plant-based milks, and more: everything you could need during your time in the city.

Check it out:


#7 - Veganaki

"A trendy spot, with a chilled atmosphere"

With a polished, trendy interior, Veganaki is a really pleasant spot to stop by for a coffee and a meal, or as a great place for a late start to the day. With a 100% vegan menu, choose from a variety of greek pies, wraps, salads, cakes, and more. Best of all, they have one of the only real vegan greek salads in Athens (and probably the whole of Greece), complete with vegan feta cheese!

A small walk from many of the main tourist attractions, such as the Temple of Zeus and the Acropolis, Veganaki is a well-positioned eatery, will a slow, chilled atmosphere and a great selection of fully-plant-based dishes.

Check it out:


#8 - Lukumades

"Indulgent, chocolatey, deep-fried balls of goodness"

The quote says it all...

Lukamades - basically greek doughnuts - are a local delicacy, which just so happen to be vegan by default. Whilst this shop does offer some non-vegan toppings and fillings, they make sure to clearly label their vegan options on the menu, which include a dark chocolate ganache filling, and a dark chocolate topping. Combine the two to really transform these sweet, tasty doughnuts balls to another level of decadence.

So after exploring the beautiful city of Athens, and enjoying all of the delicious vegan meals this list has to offer, make sure to leave room to treat yourself to some of these

Check it out:


So there you have it - my top recommendations for vegan food in Athens, Greece! As always, let me know if you try any of these spots and what you think, or if I missed your favourite spot off the list!

All information provided in this guide is based on visits from November 2019. Please note that information may change or become outdated. If you notice information that is no longer correct, please let me know in the comments below!

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